Monday, November 14, 2011

Behind, but for good reason

I'm sorry I got behind on my 30 Days of Thanks posts. I was doing so well! But I promise I have a really good reason.

I have a big announcement

Wives Unscripted

Today I helped launch a collaborative blog with 12 other women. All of us met, while we were planning our weddings. We've kept close ever since, and decided that we want to open our lives up to you all. We've spent a while plotting and planning for this blog, so certainly go check it out. It's been a big labor of love for me because it allows me to use my degree! I've missed doing design work, so this will be a nice outlet for me. I'll still keep posting here though. With 12 other people, I won't necessarily post every day, so that will allow plenty of time for me to keep up here.

So give the link a click and check us out. This week is dedicated to allowing you get to know us!

Have a good Monday!

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