Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I thought I'd start a new tradition here that I have seen elsewhere. This will be especially good for me since we are still trying to save money, so buying things on this wishlist will be a rarity.

I would love to own a DSLR camera. I know eventually I will. I really like the Nikon D5000. I have always loved Nikon cameras and this one has a similar swivel screen as my current non DSLR which is great in many situations.

A new car. I still haven't decided what I want, but def something that we would be able to put Baxter's travel crate in the trunk area and have the back seat free for passengerss(children in the future)

I would love my husband or I to finally have a fully permanant job. We both have long term contract jobs, however, it still doesn't supply the stability that we really need to move forward with big decisions like buying a house or having children.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally crossed another barrier

It's Olympic time again. I so much enjoy anything and everything relating to the Olympics. I love both summer and winter, however, being from cold climate, I love watching the Winter Olympics.

It was unfortunate the way these games began with the death of a young Georgian luger the afternoon of the Opening Ceremonies. I detest how the media covered this incident. To show this young man's death over and over is horrible. Not to mention they played it at the beginning Opening Ceremonies when families are watching with children. I hope by the time I have my own children this is not something I have to worry about when we want to sit and enjoy the Olympics. I do feel so bad that it took the death of this young man for the creators of the sliding hill to fix the problem that caused this boy's death.

The games continued with a beautiful Opening Ceremony the displayed the wondrousness that is Canada. Such a beautiful country and they did a wonderful job of capturing the variety of the land and its people.

The first day of competition was great and ended with the US winning silver and bronze medals in the men's 1500m speed skating race. It was a great race with lots of suspense. The US also took home a Gold in the women's moguls from Hannah Kearney. It was a great opening day.

The second day was great and I got quite into the spirit of the games. There are two events that the US have never won a single medal of any other in; the biathlon and the nordic combined. Both are sports that have been dominated by Euopeans. The biathlon will continue to elude the Americans, however today was our day for the nordic combined. American Johnny Spillane finally earned us a medal. He won the silver in the normal hill 10k race.

The race was quite suspenseful until the end. The lead changing many times. And although it was not a gold medal in this competition, it was A medal. It shows that we are making progress in this sport and I cannot wait to see the future for this sport.

I will continue to watch as much coverage of all the sports as the games progress. I am inspired by the Canadian people who not only support their countrymen, but also show wonderful support of all the other countries and Olympians competing. Good Luck to all the athletes in the events to come, and Congratulations to all the winners so far!