Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Well it's a new year which gives me the opportunity to maybe start blogging with a little more regularity. I have been meaning to do much more blogging, but I just keep putting it off. But I would like it to become more of a priority.

I think part of the reason I have problems is that I have trouble finding things to blog about. But I think I will start blogging more about everyday things and stop trying to come up with specific things to blog about. At least to get me started into the habit of blogging.

Not much has happened this year. Nothing exciting at least. Both my husband and I continue our quest to find permanent jobs with benefits. We are both employed as "temporary" employees or as "contract". Which is great, it brings in money to pay bills, but still doesn't provide us any decent benefits, nor quite enough money for us to move out of my parents house. Hopefully this year brings a permanent job to at least one of us, if not both.

I plan on buying a new point and shoot camera this month or next using Christmas money we received. It was something that we both want and need, and I've found what I think will be a great camera at a very good price. I hope to start getting back into my photography and posting more pictures here. I am going to shoot for at least a photo a week one I get the camera.

I don't really "do" New Years Resolutions as I really have a hard time keeping them. But I do like to set out a few goals that I would love to reach this year.
  • I would like at least one of us to get a permanent job.
  • I would like to try to blog more often. Once a week would be great, but I'll even settle for once a month.
  • I would like to do more in the evenings. By this I mean try to accomplish something more than sitting watching TV and absentmindedly surfing the net. I would love to do more sewing projects, finish that darn afghan for my cousin's wedding (I would love to have this done by the time her baby arrives in April), get more into my photography, take the dog for more walks at night ect. I know this isn't easy since most nights I don't get home until 8pm, but some nights at least I need to devote to doing something to help me feel more accomplished.
  • Save up money for something fun. Even if it is something not very expensive. I would like to save money for something that isn't needed. It's very hard for me to do this since we still have debt to pay off, but I think in order to feel happy sometimes you need to do this.
  • Go on vacation, even if it is only for a weekend. Since we live with my parents, there is always someone else home. It would be nice to have a weekend of just us.
  • Get on a gym routine. I had been doing great when I got out of work at a normal hour. But now not getting out until 7:30, the evenings are kinda shot for gym time. I need to get up early and get to the gym. I had been doing great with my weight loss, and am still doing great with eating well, but without the gym, it's very very slow going. I would like to be back to under 150 by the end of the summer (that's 15lbs from where I am currently). It would be even better if I could get back around 135 where I was through High School and most of college.

I really hope this blog can serve as an outlet for me. I was never good at keeping a diary or journal as a kid, unless I was forced to do so. But it think even if I can get an entry every couple weeks, even if it's short. That will be great to hold me more accountable and hopefully help me feel more accomplished.

Hopefully 2011 will be a great year for me!

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