Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SITS Challenge: Spring into Action Day 2

I've decided to join the SITS Spring into Action Photography Challenge.

I really haven't done enough on my own with my photography since I got my new camera in Feb. I am hoping this will help me take more photos, and get better about posting them to my blog. I have a few posts that are photoless, which well is not so much fun. I have photos that are uploaded for posts, but never quite make it to the blog. I need to get better about that.

I took a few photos last night. In horrible lighting, at 11pm. If I had better lighting in these, I would have been happier with the photos. But I didn't, so I went outside today right when I got home from work and took a few more photos. It was freezing, my dog was so excited that I was home that he wasn't being very good at sitting still, and my battery was dying. Not a good combination. But I will share a few that I was happy with from each session. Hopefully as Spring really starts to appear, taking photos outside will not seem so much of a chore.

A few from last night's shoot.

And then from today. Much better lighting.

I really wish I had better subjects outside. There wasn't much outside to photograph yet since it's still been too cold for the flowers and plant life. Hopefully soon though. I would love some better subjects. Hopefully this weekend I'll have a chance to be outside. It will be much nicer weather.

Overall this was a great challenge. It really got me thinking about the composition in the camera which is much needed. I also really loved learning about the online photo editing tools. Though I own Photoshop, sometimes I just don't have the energy, and want to do something quick.


BabyDealsDujour said...

Love them! You have an adorable subject. :)

Juliana said...

at least your dog sits still for you! hahah I have to make mine! Love the pics

Ginger said...

Those are great! I love taking pictures of my dog. You make me want to start the SITS Challenge too! I can't wait to see what you post next.