Friday, February 6, 2009

10 things...

So since I really don't have anything exciting to post I figured I'd at least write down all the things that have been going wrong... I mean on.. yeah on... in the past month or so.

1) I applied for Unemployment at the beginning of Jan.  I had to go through hell to get it because my employer didn't report my wages to the unemployment people.  So I had to file an appeal and go through a big old hassel, but I got approved.  I just got my first payment last week.

2)We are moving out of our apt in two weeks.  We have been periodically going down to do packing, and pick up some of the boxes so we don't have to get as big of a truck.

3) We are living at my parents house.  It sucks, but it is pretty much all we can do until we find jobs and an apt.

4)I've applied for a bazzillion jobs, gotten a few emails back, mostly scamish type stuff.  I am highly interested to hear more about a retouching artist position I applied for and whom responded back to me this week.

5) Josh still isn't any closer to getting his PhD.  I really really hate his advisor, it is taking her forever to get stuff back to him.  However, he is also dragging his feet, mostly because he is still depressed I think.

6)Last week I took my car in to be inspected in PA, just so I didn't have to worry about getting it done right away here.  Well it would need over $2000 just to pass inspection.  The car is only worth at most $1500.  I'll be bringing it in to my mechanic here in NY to see if it will pass NY inspection, hopefully he can at least get me another 6mths out of the car. We definitely can't afford too many repairs right now.  Though I know there is a problem with the power steering that would need to be fixed.

7)Our apt company tried to make us renew our lease because we missed the 120 day cut off to opt out(NYE).  Also even though we are leaving due to no jobs they will not let us out of the rest of our lease, unless they find someone to take it over.

8)Josh's student loan money still hasn't come in.  We cannot pay bills until this money is in. Bills include rent for an apt we are not living in, my health insurance(hopefully this will be changing asap though since I can get on the NYS health one or medicare/aid, whichever is not for old people, my student loan payments, josh's car insurance (especially important now that that is the only drivable car), electricity for the apt we are not living in, Josh's credit card bills, my credit card bills, and you know the rest of those types of things.  He called today and they told him he needed to fill out a full time status waiver thing since he is only taking one credit hour.  Well the issue is, he did do this over two weeks ago, maybe more than that.  I am so ready for him to be done dealing with that awful biology department.

9)Josh still doesn't have many job leads. He did apply for a position with the Army Corp of Engineers.  He would be a civilian, but there could be an off chance that he might have to go overseas(Iraq), though a friend of his that also works for them, said that it is really more of an optional thing, though Josh is sure he would have to travel. He never heard back from Roswell about either of the two jobs he applied for there.

10)Did I mention we have no money.  I feel bad mooching off of my parents, but it sucks.  After I get my NYS license on Monday, I'll be starting to go to temp agencies here, even though we want to end up in Buffalo. Also considering prostituting myself now...or selling organs.. either one sounds equally unappealing.  

I really hope things start to turn around for us soon.  I figure bad things come in threes... though right now we're going on 103 I feel like.  I hope that we can at least get Josh's loan money within the next week.  Though right now not paying rent doesn't seem so bad.  We want to get out of the lease at the end of this month anyways...... maybe they will just kick us out if we don't pay soon? One can only hope somehow we can get out of that soon.

If anyone has happy news for me, feel free to leave it as a comment.

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